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The advantages of Rotostone System

The Rotostone system, when used in agriculture, allows the improved management of the soil and direct seed or transplanted cultivations, substantially reducing the germination time (a reduction of three days in the harvest of lettuce) and increasing the production yields.

These results were proven in test trials done in conjunction with the central research department of Agricultural University of Lyon France, where comparisons were done on the same test plots of land with other machines such as tiller/bedshapers and power harrows.

The blade rotor turns in a counter direction to that of a typical tiller.

The advantages of Rotostone System

The advantages of Rotostone System - Massano

This type of work develops a breakup of the soil from the bottom to the top without compacting the bottom layer, replicating the action of a spade, but with the difference of sifting out and burying, in one pass, clods, stones and vegetable residues, achieving a fine, loose top layer of soil that allows easier and more accurate seed planting and transplanting, and at the same time improving the ability of the soil to drain.

This principle does not apply to the normal tiller that works the soil in a downward direction, and at a different working speed according to the result you would like to achieve. Therefore, in clay soils or those lacking in organic matter, there occurs a major compaction of the soil and a reduction in the soil’s ability to drain.

All of these reasons have allowed our equipments to achieve a high level of quality in both the reliability during work and the results obtained after planting or transplanting. For these good reasons many farmers from many countries have chosen to come to the Rotostone system, abandoning the earlier methods of ploughing and tilling.

The advantages of Rotostone System - Massano s.n.c.

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